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The HEB Generator

The HEB Generator

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hydroelectric generatorDESCRIPTION

The HEB generator

This is a floating waterwheel that can generate electricity when suspended over a river or other flowing water regardless of the depth.

The unique chevron shaped paddle treads give the barrel the ability to rotate about its horizontal axis in fast flowing water, entering the water smoothly and re-surfacing without lifting water.

The merit of this design is the significant reduction of any down force (Coanda effect) and the bow wave in front of the barrel, thus increasing the efficiency of the machine. This would be an ideal product for today’s demands for cheap re-newable energy and would be a cost effective product for the pico hydroelectric or micro hydroelectric energy market.

This design has many advantages over other methods of hydroelectric power production.

  • Quiet operation compared to conventional waterwheel.
  • Easy to transport and install.
  • Environmentally friendly due to shallow draft.
  • Cost effective to manufacture, low capital outlay per kilowatt. 24/7 operation unlike solar and wind.
  • Does not significantly interrupt river flow and can roll over debris.
  • Adjusts to water level.
  • Need more power? Install another HEB generator.
  • Many possible applications:-
    Remote area power supply for battery charging, lighting, irrigation, refrigeration, monitoring
  • Potential for grants and feed-in tariffs.