The HEB generator - Development License

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The HEB generator - Development License

The development of HEB in to a commercially viable product has undergone a number of twists and turns in the last few years and has taken much longer than anticipated. Interest from all over the world has been staggering and we appreciate all the comments and support received.

Whilst further development is still required to produce an HEB that optimises power output, we would like to invite some of the many followers of HEB to get involved with the smaller size HEB.

We are now actively seeking a limited number of development partners interested in further developing the HEB under a limited license for HEB ≤ 3 feet diameter. Assuming the prototype will go into commercial production, the licensee company will also be granted selling and merchandising rights for the region we provide the license for.

Development Partners will receive:

  • Free, perpetual license to develop, merchandise and sell/distribute the HEB up to 3'
  • Full documentation and technical schematics.
  • CNC milling machine code for the very latest Paddle Tread Design, suggested Axle design and Tube Swing Frame Drawings tuned to your test location.
  • Prospect of being future partner for larger models and other regions.

In return, we will ask for all final designs and output data.

If you are interested, please email me at giving more information about yourself and your company, including:

  • Company or individual name and contact details
  • Geographical region you are interested in
  • Company/individual design and manufacturing facilities
  • Any previous electrical generation experience
  • Any other information you think may be relevant regarding your interest in HEB

This is the latest design of the Floating Barrel that now incorporates End Plates, Revised chevron angle and concave paddle area. We would like to offer and supply ( FREE ) the machine code for a 5 axis milling of the paddle design. This agreement would be limited up to a 3 foot diameter prototype in any country. This size is cost effective to make and would be very suitable to be placed in front of a small Weir ( approx. 3 feet high ) or the end of a flume to increase water speed. Most countries have thousands of small Weirs. (you can make as many as you wish up to 3 feet diameter) A simple alloy bobbin made from a large diameter alloy tube and end plates, A plug could be machined for a mould for the paddles that would slot inbetween the end plates.

Photo of the Polystyrene 5 axis milling of the old paddle shape.
Photo of the Polystyrene 5 axis milling of the old paddle shape.

This a an example of a an early design of the paddle shape machined by It would only require the machining of one half section to make a plug for a mould (fiberglass paddles) or if making a smaller model than the 3 feet diameter, high density Polystyrene could be used with a resin coating. A fast and cost effective way to achieving a complex paddle shape. You can easily find these 5 axis milling machines all around the world!

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